Oticon CROS

A revolutionary 360° sound experience for single-sided deafness

Introducing Oticon CROS

Introducing the world’s first CROS/BiCROS hearing solution with OpenSound Navigator™ and TwinLink™ dual-streaming technology. Oticon CROS enables people with single-sided deafness (SSD) to hear and engage in their world like never before. Oticon CROS sends a wireless Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) signal from a transmitter located on the poorer ear to a receiver on the better ear so your patients can achieve a fuller, more immersive open sound experience.

  • Oticon CROS transmitter is available in the miniRITE T style and comes in seven colors
  • Oticon CROS is available in selected pricepoints and compatible with 6 styles: miniRITE T, miniRITE, miniRITE R, BTEPP, BTE SP and BTE UP
  • Oticon CROS transmitter battery performance is comparable to similar style Oticon hearing aids

A powerful platform

Powered by the revolutionary Velox S platform, Oticon CROS features the most powerful and advanced BrainHearingTM technology Oticon has ever created.

A high quality open sound experience

Oticon CROS features an optimized version of OpenSound Navigator which gives access to the open sound experience in both simple and complex environments. This means the signal going into the microphone on the transmitter is analyzed, balanced and cleaned of noise before it is transmitted to the better ear.

TwinLink dual streaming — an industry first

Oticon CROS is the world’s first solution for CROS/BiCROS fittings offering TwinLink, an innovative technology featuring simultaneous NFMI and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy streaming capability. TwinLink makes it possible to connect to external audio streaming, like a television, while simultaneously enjoying a conversation with someone positioned on the poorer ear.

50% improvement in speech awareness with TwinLink

Results of a recent Oticon CROS dual-streaming study showed a 50% average improvement in awareness of speech in the environment while streaming (2.4 GHz) with an active NFMI transmission of sound from the poorer ear side (Callaway & Aaby Gade, 2019). Participants in the study listened to news stories through a ConnectClip with the Oticon CROS transmitter turned on and off. They were also given the task of pushing a button every time they heard a word coming from a speaker on their poorer ear side. Tasks were completed with speech-shaped noise in the background. When the transmitter was on, participants were 50% more aware of the spoken words in the noisy environment.

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  • Powered by Velox STM
  • Optimized version of OpenSound Navigator
  • Industry first TwinLink dual-streaming
  • Oticon CROS can be used in either a CROS or BiCROS fitting
  • Oticon CROS is compatible with Oticon’s premium product families: Oticon Opn STM, Opn PlayTM, Xceed and Xceed Play

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