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Hearing Center - Centerville, OH - Dayton, OH

Hearing Services in Centerville, OH

At Centerville Hearing Center we have a passion for helping people hear their very best and for helping each individual reach their full hearing potential. People with hearing problems can find expert help at Centerville Hearing Center. Our hearing specialists are experienced with almost every type of hearing problem, and they work with you and your medical team to arrive at a diagnosis and develop solutions.

Take the next step towards better hearing today and call 937-476-7186 to schedule an appointment at our office in Centerville, OH or click here to submit a request through our web form.

Hearing Aids in Centerville, OH

At Centerville Hearing Center, we know that each conversation and sound contributes enormously to your quality of life. When you have hearing loss, missed conversations with family and friends and difficulty hearing on cell phones or watching TV can make you feel distant and disconnected from modern life.

Hearing Aids in Centerville, OH
Audiologist in Centerville, OH

Audiologist in Centerville, OH

At Centerville Hearing Center, we understand that hearing loss is an extremely personal journey.There are a myriad of emotions, fears, and concerns that occur when a person comes to get their hearing checked. It takes about 7-10 years for a person to notice they even have a hearing loss, many times, friends and family members notice first. Hearing loss is gradual, losing subdual sounds first like the sound of your turn signal or the beeping of the microwave.

During your one-on-one appointment at Centerville Hearing Center, we will answer all of your questions, even ones you might not have thought of, in safe, homey environment. It is important that you understand all of the options available to you. This is a big decision, and we want you to know as much as possible about all of your choices.