Using Hearing Devices At Mealtimes

Using Hearing Devices At Mealtimes

Each year is filled with joyous occasions, most of them involving celebratory meals. Be it thanksgiving or Christmas, each holiday is a time for family, food, and festivity. However, those facing hearing loss can have a difficult time during the holiday meals due to the increase in noise. This holiday, make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

You can double the joy of hearing by using two hearing aids instead of one to maximize the inflow of sound and heighten your sense of hearing this holiday season. Multiple hearing aids multiply your chances of having a pleasant, seamless hearing experience. Now you can hear the silent snickerings of your children as they gossip in hushed tones, and participate actively in the conversations that are taking place at the dinner table.

Several hearing instrument models include a directional microphone. If your hearing aid contains this feature, be sure to use it during your holiday meal. You can change your hearing aid settings to hear sounds coming from all directions (omnidirectional) or from a specific direction only (directional setting). To maximize your hearing experience, take a seat at the head of the table and flip on the directional microphone so that you can eliminate unwanted background sounds and focus only on the conversations going on in front of you. If you want to focus on a situation a bit far off, such as in the kitchen, you can choose to switch on your directional microphone for only one of your hearing aids so that your other device can pick up sounds from all the other directions.

Utilize various communication techniques to help cope with your hearing loss. You can ask people to repeat what they said and adjust your environmental settings so that you can hear more clearly. For example, if you are hosting a party with several small children, it would be prudent to have a separate kid’s table in a different room so that you can hear your friends and family properly.

You can also undergo some computerized auditory training courses to help you gain expertise in lip-reading and enhance your listening skills in creative ways. Furthermore, you can participate in classes that aid in enhancing the coping skills for those facing hearing loss.

For those with hearing loss, FM technology including FM receivers and transmitters can help hearing impaired individuals channelize sounds into their hearing devices. The FM transmitter can be used by placing it in front of the speaker so that it carries the sound through the receiver and amplifies it to a louder, clearly audible decibel. FM technology utilize a telecoil which can send sound waves straight into the hearing devices and help you hear better.

Holidays are a time for rest and relaxation, and having sufficient knowledge about the hearing aid technologies at your disposal enables you to choose from a variety of different techniques to enhance your hearing and ensure you have a pleasant, perfect holiday season.