Traveling With a Hearing Problem

Traveling With a Hearing Problem

We all love going on vacations and hearing loss need not get in your way as long as you take a few simple measures to prepare yourself for your trip.

Always plan ahead, to make the most out of your holiday. Find out more about the hotel you will be staying at, ensuring that they provide necessary accommodations for those with hearing loss. Several hotels provide facilities such as flashing lights that are installed on the phones, as well as providing door knockers.

When you go on a group tour, you can let your tour guide know about your hearing difficulties so that they can provide you with written brochures or a headset that has volume control that provides additional volume and various other playback abilities.

Many public tourist spots such as museums and other venues provide hearing loops as well as other assistive facilities upon request. Email the places you plan to visit beforehand to get more information about the facilities they provide.

In case you are traveling to a place where English is not their first language, think about researching a few common words in the local language that can help direct you towards important facilities, such as restrooms, restaurants, help desk, and shops.

It is also helpful to pick up a few foreign phrases in the local language to help you communicate with the locals. This can help you gain more facilities with ease, while helping you make the most out of your trip.

When you are traveling, think about getting yourself some maps and timetables. You can even download the same on your phone using applications that can even help alert you in case there are delays or changes in the departure gate. Take time out before your trip to download and use the app so that you are familiar with it when you finally arrive in your destination.

Google maps can also come in handy in helping you navigate your local surroundings when on vacation. Click on “further information” to find the places you are planning to visit to see what the peak hours are, so that you can avoid these timings and visit the places during quieter hours.

Take ownership of your hearing needs. Once you overcome your own hesitation and reluctance to admit to your hearing loss, you will be able to ask others for help with ease. People are more than willing to help once we are ready to ask for it in earnest. If you have certain requirements, ask your guide to help you out. You can ask for preferential seating in front of the guide so that you can read their lips.

Bring extra batteries for your hearing aids and carry a spare set of hearing aids just in case there are problems with your existing pair. Pack your cleaning kit as well. Also pack a dehumidifier in case you visit a place with high humidity. Also pack a charger as well as extra adapter plugs. With these simple actions, you will be able to make the most out of your vacation.