Symptoms Indicative of Loss of Hearing

Symptoms Indicative of Loss of Hearing

It may come as a surprise, but out of 3 people with a hearing problem, 2 of them never get their hearing tested and therefore never end up seeking treatment. You may feel that you or your loved ones are not at risk of getting hearing loss, but in reality, we are all exposed to threats to hearing on a daily basis. It is important to become aware of early signs of hearing damage so that you know when to intervene and make sure your loved ones get the help they need to treat their hearing loss.

The most obvious sign of hearing loss is when a person constantly asks you to speak louder or keeps raising the television volume up to an uncomfortable level. People with hearing loss do not realize just how loud their television is until someone else points it out to them. Don’t be surprised or insulted if people around you are constantly telling you to turn down the volume on your television since this could mean that you have hearing loss.

Another common problem for those with hearing loss is trouble hearing others during conversations. Do you constantly ask others to repeat what they just said, or speak clearly? Does everyone around you seem to be mumbling? If this is the case, it could be an indication that you have a hearing problem.

People may complain that they have been trying to call you several times but you swear you never heard the phone ring even once, despite seeing the missed calls in your call log. You wonder whether there’s something wrong with your phone, when in reality something might be wrong with your ears. You may have people pounding on your door, complaining that you never answer the door when they ring the doorbell. You may not have heard the doorbell ring at all, which is yet another sign of hearing loss.

Do you find yourself tilting your head to listen to people with your “good ear?” This could mean that you have hearing loss in one of your ears which is why you prefer to use the other ear. Hearing loss is often asymmetrical and affects one ear more than the others. You will need to get your hearing tested to see how hearing loss is affecting both your ears separately.

Even small, seemingly insignificant signs such as irritation from others at constantly having to speak up can be indicative of hearing loss. Does your partner complain that you are not listening to her, when in reality you truly never heard what she said? Hearing loss can have a negative impact on personal relationships, so do not delay treatment.

Hearing loss affects your overall physical and psychological help, so do not take it lightly. Earlier diagnosis and treatment can have more positive results since it is easier to treat milder levels of hearing loss than treating total deafness. If you or a loved one has suspected hearing loss, seek treatment today.