Staying Connected Using Hearing Aids

Staying Connected Using Hearing Aids

We all live a virtual life to a certain extent these days, what with social media playing such a dominant role in our daily lives. It is crucial therefore, to find more ways to stay connected and updated. You can now do this through the use of hearing aids.

Even in the recent past, using Bluetooth to connect to the internet would drain your hearing aid batteries in just a few meager hours. Thankfully, advances in modern technology have given us the gift of enjoying hearing aid Bluetooth connectivity with minimum battery drainage.

We previously needed lapel clips or other devices in order to connect our hearing aids to Bluetooth, but now we can automatically connect wirelessly through our smart phones without requiring any other form of hardware.

Nowadays you can easily stream phone calls, music, and even video programs directly from your phone to your hearing aids. Your hearing aids have also become a lot smarter, and can automatically adjust their volume and environmental settings using GPS.

Nowadays, your hearing aids can automatically adjust volume levels as well as acoustic preferences based on where you are, such as during noisy ball games or a quiet library.

You can avail this magical feature that enables you to create a specified program setting to save your preferred environmental settings for specific locations, such as the gym, the stadium, or even restaurants. You can do this by using the feature that lets you geo-tag or pin specific locations to your specified hearing aid setting. This means that when you set up the initial programming for any given location, during your next visit to the same location, your hearing aids will automatically adjust the sound settings to your pre-set preferences.

Nowadays you even get an application that enables you to locate your hearing aids, in case you lose them! This uses the same geo-tagging feature which you can utilize by pressing the “find my hearing aid” button on your phone. This setting basically lets you know the exact location of the last communication exchanged between your hearing aids and your smart phone. With such exciting new features that enable us to stay connected, wearing hearing aids may soon become the latest fashion trend!