Safety with Hearing Devices

Safety with Hearing Devices

Hearing aids do more than simply amplify sounds to restore hearing in those with hearing loss. They also play a vital role in keeping you safe.

A recent study conducted worldwide by EuroTrak found that those wearing hearing aids reported a significantly enhanced standard of living. Over 50% of the participants with hearing aids felt an increased level of safety as well as independence as a result of wearing hearing aids.

Hearing loss can result in a loss of equilibrium, thereby increasing the risk of falling and injuring oneself. Hearing aids help rectify this imbalance caused by hearing loss and help users maintain their sense of poise and balance.

Another study conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine found that elderly adults with hearing aids tended to perform significantly better on standard equilibrium examinations, compared to those with untreated hearing loss who did not wear hearing aids.

The findings of the above study suggests that our sense of balance is somehow connected to our perception of sound, thus treating hearing loss subsequently helps in eliminating the risk of injury that may occur as a result of loss of equilibrium and falls.

Hearing aids also help users remain safe at home by helping them remain alert and able to hear important sounds such as someone at the door or fire alarms. Hearing aids help amplify sounds so that users can hear and respond in a timely manner to immediate necessities in their environments, such as a baby crying or if someone cries out for help.

Constant alertness with hearing aids also keeps you safe when you are out and about, by helping you remain active and alert about your surroundings. In case of emergency situations or vital sound such as the sound of an ambulance, you will be able to respond effectively if you wear your hearing aids. You will also be able to bring yourself to safety if you are able to recognize the source of any sound indicating danger.

Your level of activity increases with hearing aids, which means you will be able to safely engage in all your favorite outdoor activities such as biking, running, or playing your preferred sport. Treating hearing damage not only benefits you and keeps you safe, but also enables you to remain active and keep your loved ones safe as well.