Loud Leisure Activities can Damage Hearing

Loud Leisure Activities can Damage Hearing

People enjoy loud, noisy activities such as attending concerts or going to football games. The problem with these activities is that they can damage hearing due to the immensely loud sounds that people get exposed to at these events. Any sounds exceeding 85 dB can cause permanent loss of hearing if the exposure time is approximately eight hours or more.

At concerts, the sounds can exceed 90 to 100 dB, which means that hearing damage in these concerts might occur in as little as 2-4 hours of exposure. The level of sound rises to an alarming 120 dB or more at sporting events, which can lead to permanent hearing loss in only a matter of minutes.

The best way to enjoy these events without suffering any adverse consequences is to carry some hearing protection such as earplugs when attending loud events. Wearing earplugs ensure your ears stay protected while enabling you to enjoy safe levels of music at the same time. Earplug use does not hamper communication in any manner.

Earplugs vary in their quality and durability since they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be customized to your unique hearing needs. You can opt for customized earplugs that are molded to fit your ears perfectly. The type of material that is utilized in the making of your earplugs affects the level of noise that is successfully eliminated.

Insertion of earplugs is simple, yet many people make mistakes when using them. When using foam earplugs, roll them between the fingers to decrease their size before placing them within your ear canal. Once you place the earplugs into the ear canal, make sure you hold them in place for around five seconds so that the foam gets a chance to expand within the ears. If you see most of the earplug jutting out of your ear, that indicates improper placement, while only being able to see the tip of the earplug sticking out means that you have correctly inserted your earplugs.

If you find that the earplugs keep slipping off easily they are probably not the correct size or shape for your particular ears. During concerts you might need to keep on reinserting your earplugs sporadically to make sure you continue to get the optimal amount of hearing protection.

Hearing loss is a permanent and irreversible condition. The only way to prevent any lasting damage is to take care of your hearing by using these protective listening methods so that you can enjoy the world of sound for all your days to come.