Environmental Settings that Warrant Hearing Aid Use

Environmental Settings that Warrant Hearing Aid Use

People are often curious what the most appropriate situations are to use their hearing aids. Although wearing your hearing aids in almost any situation is usually a good idea, some situations warrant hearing aid use more than others.

In places where you can expect a large amount of background noise are ideal for hearing aid use. This is because hearing aids come with noise and feedback-reduction features that can eliminate background noises, thereby making it easier for you to understand conversations better. Additionally, directional microphones can also be exceptionally useful in noise situations. These microphones help you focus on the person you are talking to (i.e. the person seated right in front of you) while reducing the volume of background sounds.

You can also make good use of your hearing aids while using the phone or watching television. Modern hearing aids enable you to stream your calls directly into your hearing aids from your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. All you have to do is turn on your Bluetooth and you’re all set! Signals from your television or radio can also be streamed directly into your hearing aids using the same technology. You no longer need to strain to hear the television or constantly turn up the volume on your radio.

Situations that involve a lot of people packed into limited space (such as movie theaters or concert halls) can also be excellent places to use your hearing aids. Several of these public buildings often use hearing loop technology, which can be accessed through a telecoil, which is a tiny wire located within your hearing aid. This technology amplifies sounds sent by a personal assistance system that can stream important sound signals from microphones and speakers directly into your hearing aids. This provides you with a clearer, more enhanced listening experience even in public settings.

Hearing aids can also be a blessing closer to home when you are trying to hear the cute, high-pitched, squeaky voices of your grandchildren. Simply shift your frequency settings so that the higher pitched sounds can be tuned down to suit your hearing range.

Last but definitely not the least the annoying sounds of tinnitus can also be relieved using hearing aids. Thanks to your hearing aid’s ability to create white noise that camouflages the constant ringing caused by tinnitus, you can get some relief from your tinnitus. Whenever you feel your tinnitus acting up, simply turn on the Tinnitus program setting on your hearing aid and select your desired type of sound that you would like to hear instead.

Hearing aids are great in a large variety of situations. They can provide relief not only from loss of hearing and tinnitus, but also help you improve your sense of balance. Given their numerous advantages, you would be hard-pressed to find a situation in which you would NOT want to use your hearing aids!