Astonishing Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology

Astonishing Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids do more than simply help you hear now! You can use your hearing aids to reconnect with the world through Bluetooth technology, GPS, and other facilities. Here are a few new advancements in hearing aid technology that make hearing aids even more enticing.

Contemporary hearing aids are far more secure than their predecessors. Previously, you would always have to walk cautiously and avoid being jostled while wearing your hearing aids out of fear of losing or damaging them if they fell out of your ears. Nowadays, you no longer have to worry about that. Hearing aids now come with retention cords that can be clipped onto your clothing. This prevents them from falling out even when you are engaging in vigorous exercise or sports.

Modern hearing aids also have the capability to repel water since they are waterproof. This enables you to engage in activities you would have been wary of engaging in before with your hearing aids. This includes trips to water parks, swimming, fishing, sailing, and other water-oriented activities.

If you do not have waterproof hearing aids, you can still invest in some additional protection to keep your hearing aids safe while engaging in activities around water bodies. You can get protective covers as well as waterproof sleeves that fit over your hearing aids to protect them from water damage.

Another important device that can really help your hearing aids is a dehumidifier. Every person should invest in one to ensure that you eliminate any trapped moisture from your hearing aids at the end of the day.

You can now pair your hearing device with your smartphone! This uses Bluetooth technology as well as wireless streaming capacities to stream phone calls and even radio music directly into your hearing aids.

Essentially, once you pair your device using Bluetooth, you are basically turning it into a pair of earphones that can be used for multiple recreational and social activities such as listening to music or talking to your loved ones. You can even watch movies using your hearing aids as headphones to listen to the dialogues.

Modern hearing aids use GPS to remember your hearing preferences in any given location, and recall these settings the next time you visit that venue without needing to make manual adjustments.

You can even use your hearing aids to eliminate the sensation of tinnitus by playing white noise to mask the sound of tinnitus using applications that can be downloaded on your smartphone and streamed to your hearing aids using Bluetooth.

With all these advancements in hearing aid technology, hearing loss becomes a thing of the past and your hearing aids are pole-vaulted into a more elite device that can help you stay connected with the most important people and activities of your life.